Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where have I been?

Well hello, I realise I have been absent but in my defense I have been really busy and I have no sewing to show you because my sewing machine doesn't work well. Going back to the shop tomorrow to get them to have a look at it and tell me if I am doing something wrong or if I have a dud! We have had school holidays and during those my daughter turned 11. I stupidly decided to have a b'day party for her and I worked hard and fast to get everything done in 1 week (crazy)! She decided on a pink & blue theme and off I went. I will return in a few days and post some pics to show all my hard work. In the meantime I have a couple of photos of my girl that I took on our high tea experience. All she wanted to do was to have a high tea so my hubbie and I took her to Cairns and the three of us enjoyed a high tea. She even insisted we dress up, which we all did, even Dad wore a tie. He looked so handsome! The finger food was amazing and she had a lovely time so that was her b'day treat.

Blogger will only upload one photo. Stupid computer program! I think she looks beautiful.

Sew you soon

Shel x

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Had a bad Day!!!!

Hi there I wish I had some pretty pics for you but I don't. My girl plays hockey and our family has been very busy with that of late. She has been playing alot but on Saturday (yesterday) she had her weekly club game and her team played and she had an awesome game. She scored the only goal in the game and they won!! The team they played beat them the last time they played so it was a big deal. We were so excited for the girls and so proud of them. My girl was then asked to play up for another team and while they were warming up a girl was mucking around with her friend and lifted her stick above her shoulder ina big full force swing and hit my girl in the head. The impact split her right eyebrow in half and left a gaping hole. I totally freaked out, there was so much blood and you could see her skull. I am so proud of my girl she didn't cry she was so so brave, much braver than her Mum. They decided to glue the wound instead of stitching it because the wound should have less of a scar and should heal quicker. I am still very upset and cried for almost an hour last night. I wish we did things a little differently that day but we didn't and now my baby will have a scar for the rest of her life. Sometimes people need to realise that their actions do have an impact on others, this has taught me to listen to my inner voice because I had a bad feeling about her helping the team, which I voiced to my husband on two occasions before this incident happened. We can't change the past only the future so from now on my inner voice is to be listened to at all times. I just hope the scar is not too bad as girls are all about what they look like. To me she will always be beautiful and I love her more than all the stars in the sky!!!!! I refused to take a pic before they patched her up as it was just too horrific. I also didn't want her too see what had happened to her face. She wants to keep playing hockey but I am not so sure about that. I hope to bring you a pic in the future of her beautifully healed face with hardly a scar! Sew you soon Shel x

Monday, March 14, 2011

Crochet Crazy!!!!

I have been teaching myself to crochet which has been lots of fun
so far I have made a crochet belt for my daughter
with beads to bling it up for her.
Sorry I haven't taken any photographs of that yet but I will post a pic soon.
I really want to make a blanket, so I have been practising my granny squares.
Anyways I am always driving my daughter around and sitting around
waiting for her so I like to have something to do.
I decided to make myself a little wallet of sorts to carry with me.
It can carry all my crochet needles and a pair of scissors.
I just cut some fabric and had a go and I am really happy with how it has turned out.
What do you think?

Now I can crochet granny squares wherever I go.
I am now moving on to a new project, a birthday gift for my
gorgeous little goddaughter/niece.
Back soon to post some pics of a quilt I am working on.
Thanks for stopping by and sew you soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back I promise!!!

Hello Strangers

Well I have finally got myself sorted out and I am back into the swing of things. (took me a while right?). Well the first thing on my list is to get my UFO's done, and I have a few to do. I have decided to complete them from smallest project to the biggest. So here is my first completed UFO. It's a needlecase designed by the talented Natalie from Cinderberry Stitches, it's a free pattern you can download off her site so go check it out.

This is my first go at needlepoint applique, I did ok I think. It was easier than I thought it would be and it took no time at all. Of course I have done it in my own choice of fabrics and it was a lot of fun. I am happy it's finished it has been sitting for months and now I'm done. (What a great feeling it gives you to get a UFO done).

This next project I finished a while ago it is an original design from Tonia at Malanda Quilting and Sewing Supplies. You can also check out her blog Tonia's Tickled Pink Craft. This bag is called the Brookston Bag and it is so easy to make. You can purchase the pattern from Tonia's website.

Last but not least for today I have a sneak peek to show you of one of my UFO's I hope to finish soon. Aren't the colours gorgeous, I love love them. I will be back soon with some sneak peeks to show you and a cute Ipod carry case I designed and made for my daughter and her friends.

Sew you soon

Shel x